Chocolate is a sweet candy treat enjoyed by most everybody worldwide. It is derived from the Cacao bean which is ground down and then combined with ingredients such as butter, milk and sugar to form varying types and flavors of chocolates. There are thousands of different flavours of chocolates available on the market. The market for producing chocolates is highly competitive and as a result producers are continually coming up with different flavours of chocolate. Some of these flavours include fudge, mint, coconut, chilli, strawberry, peanut butter and orange.

Cocoa powder is a bitter chocolate flavoured powder which is derived from ground Cacao beans. This powder is generally unsweetened and used for baking purposes. It can also be used to make a warm cocoa drink when mixed with warm milk.

White chocolate – White chocolate does not technically contain any cocoa in it but rather contains cocoa butter and other flavourants. It is generally very sweet.

Milk chocolate – This is probably the most popular of commercial treats. It is lighter in colour than dark chocolate and creamier in taste. It also contains more sugar and as a result is sweeter.

Dark chocolate is not as popular as milk chocolate since it has a more bitter taste. It does not have as much sugar or milk solids in it and thus does not have as much of a smooth and creamy taste as milk chocolate tends to. Dark chocolate can contain up to 85% of cocoa in certain brands.

Unsweetened chocolate is very bitter and designed for baking and cooking purposes. The bitter and unsweetened nature of this chocolate makes it inedible on its own.

Not only is chocolate tasty as a candy treat but it is also very popular in other forms. Some of the most popular choices of which are; chocolate milk shakes, chocolate cake, hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream and even chocolate scented candles and bath products.

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