Chocolate Health Tips

chocolate-15 The Saga About Chocolate: Is It Healthy Or Unhealthy By Take Chocolate?

There’s a story in everything. Important ones and informative ones, and this is an informative one. Chocolate! Milk chocolate, brown chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate – what is the difference? Chocolate is healthy, but when we say chocolate we mean the real stuff, not the brown Freddo the frog type, or that creamy milky one. It has to have certain [...]

chocolate-14 What Is the Best Healthy Chocolate in the World?

“What do you have for breakfast?” people often ask me. “Chocolate!” I reply, though not all of the time because I’ve recently discovered that life is about balance and not one long string of hedonistic moments. Sometimes I give the same answer for many of my meals and snacks. To those who haven’t yet joined The Raw Chocolate Revolution, this [...]

chocolate-13 Chocolate Can Actually Make You Lose Weight Quickly!

Are you currently that kind of individual who wants to lose weight quickly? Various health professionals and fitness trainers are informing identical points more and more… Do not eat this, don’t touch those French fries, eat vegetables, etc… And naturally chocolate is on the black list. It’s dangerous and you should NOT eat it. Period. Or? Nicely, it turns out [...]

chocolate-12 Health and Wellness Product, are YOU a Chocolate Mess?

Are you a chocolate mess? Health and Wellness Product has uncovered some fun and interesting information on one of the most popular confections. Chocolate comes in many forms depending on what the manufacturer does with the cocoa beans and the chocolate liquor. Dark and bittersweet chocolate, to the yummy, but not as good for you milk chocolate, to white chocolate [...]

Buying Chocolate

chocolate-07 5 useful tips to buy better chocolate

Dark chocolate is quickly becoming a superfood. Organic extra dark chocolate (at least 70% cacao) is packed with nutrition. There are so many reasons to eat dark chocolate. It is important to eat the right kind of chocolate, as some are loaded with sugar or artificial ingredients. Dutched [...]

chocolate-09 How You Can Buy a Good Chocolate

1) Let the price tag be an indicator of good chocolate. Good chocolate will cost more than commercial grade chocolate, as it should. If you are looking for top quality chocolate, expect to pay more for the quality. Be cautious though and take all the other steps into [...]

chocolate-06 Chocolate Gift Ideas – Buy Chocolate Online

Down the aisle of the supermarket, in a long row, stands a veritable army of wine, bottle after bottle, shoulder to shoulder, stretching from here to there. Yep, it’s pretty daunting. But what if, instead, you saw only 30 bottles — many under $10 — and you could [...]

chocolate-10 What You Need to Know – Buy Chocolate Online

In April 1992, while eating dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant on New York’s Columbus Avenue, we noticed that a wine store had just opened across the street. We pushed our girls over there in their double stroller to have a look-see. They were then 1 and 3 [...]

Chocolate Tips and Tricks

chocolate-04 Chocolate Fountain Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re using a big beautiful commercial chocolate fountain or a cute little home unit chocolate fountain, they all work basically the same (at least the auger style chocolate fountains do). If you have a [...]

chocolate-02 How to – Keep Chocolate at Its Best?

Living in a country like Australia whose weather fluctuates wildly between extreme heat or monsoon, chocolate lovers are always faced with the tricky dilemma of how to keep their chocolate fresh and at its mouth [...]